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Lahore dealers focus on gwadar

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asked Aug 30, 2016 in Project updates by hotuser (2,100 points)

Almost 50 percent of the lahore real estate dealers are focusing or trying to focus on Gwadar as Lahore market is seeing a correction and people are not willing to invest in Lahore. In Lahore, still there are few genuine buyers who want to buy plots for house construction in near future or future but not much investment activity happening.

The Gwadar port is equipped to become one in all the largest port cities of the planet. Development of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) can open new doors of development and prosperity in Pakistan. per annum multi trillion-dollar trade will happen through Gwadar. The port town will become the hub of world trade and is already attracting loads of investors seeking Gwadar property for investment. Gwadar property costs have nearly doubled in one last year andare continued to rise because the development progresses.

Some people say its too early to consider Gwadar for investment and others say opposite to it. 

I guess, its the right time. "High risk , high gains" is the rule of all businesses and real estate is no more different.


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answered Aug 30, 2016 by hamza (1,340 points)
i tend to agree with hotuser.

Gwadar has so much to offer and the price of property is dirt cheap.

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